Bibliografia sobre o Sistema Financeiro

Money and Man. Elgin Groseclose.

Mistery of Banking. Murray Rothbard.

America’s Great Depression. Murray Rothbard.

History of Money and Banking in The United States. Murray Rothbard.

Dívida: os primeiros 5000 anos. David Graeber.

Tragedy and Hope. Carroll Quigley.

The Federal Reserve Conspiracy. Anthony Sutton.

and forgive them their debts. Michael Hudson.

The Bubble and Beyond. Michael Hudson.

The Monster. Michael Hudson.

Killing the Host. Michael Hudson.

Super Imperialism. Michael Hudson.

The Stock Market, Credit and Capital Formation. Fritz Machlup.

Banking and the Business Cycle. C.A Philips, T.F McManus e R.W Nelson.

Dinheiro, Crédito Bancário e Ciclos Econômicos. Jesus Huerta de Soto.

Barren Metal. E. Michael Jones.

Where Does Money Come From? Josh Ryan Collins, Richard Werner, Andrew Jackson.

Medici Money. Tim Parks.

The Rise and Decline of the Medici Bank. Raymond de Roover.

The Banking Revolutions. Alberto Leon Cebrian.

Alchemists of Loss. Martin Hutchinson.

Ethics and the National Economy. Heinrich Pesch.

The Legacy of Scholasticism in Economic Thought. Odd Langholm.

The Stripping of the Altars. Eamon Duffy.

The Anglo-Dutch Moment. Jonathan Israel.

The Creature from Jekkyl Island. Edward Griffin.



Down with usury

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